Sunflowers for Ukraine

Our Grade 10 students have been designing sunflowers for Ukraine. Their sunflower designs will be printed in high resolution and used to paper the walls of a playroom in a community centre established for Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

This is an initiative driven by, Pete Stanley, a teacher from Bucharest who contacted Ajarn Akane, who shared his idea with our homeroom teachers on Monday.

I was hoping for a few students to participate, but I was moved to tears when I heard Ajarn Claire’s account of how the entire G10 Fire and Water House took such wholehearted action it.

Some classes in Junior School and IEP (see the IEP article in our news!) are working on sunflowers as well. It’s beautiful to witness the Prem community and the wider global school network work together to make a small but hopefully meaningful difference for Ukrainian refugee children!

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