Study Habits of our Junior Borders

This week in boarding, we celebrate and highlight the study habits of our beloved Cluster 10 family, the Juniors.

They are always the first to make their way to the cafeteria for dinner check-in. Our juniors are so adorably time conscious that even though the actual dinner check-in begins at 6 pm, they are all there by 5:50 pm.

After having their dinner, they head to the senior school classrooms around 6:20 pm ready for prep which kicks off at 6:30 pm.

Room 21 on the first floor of Senior School is where our juniors spend an hour to work on their homework assignments and other creative arts projects.

The mood in room 21 is always a fun and lively one. One cannot help but be inspired to see these young minds explore, investigate, analyze, research and communicate various academic concepts all channelled through play and curiosity.

What a wonderful feeling it is to be caregivers and mentors of this diverse community of young thinkers and world changers here at Prem Boarding.

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