Study Abroad at Prem

Study Abroad

Discover the world in a safe and friendly environment. Study Abroad at Prem is academically and culturally rewarding programme.

Thailand’s Best

Prem Tinsulanonda International School offers a unique opportunity to study abroad for students – the rigorous and internationally recognized International Baccalaureate Programme and a boarding experience in one of Thailand’s best day and boarding schools.

Benefits of Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad students mix with the other students, teachers and families to gain new perspectives and make friends from around the world. A semester overseas looks great on a resume for university and helps students learn to be fully independent.

About the Programme

Study Abroad Fees

Application Fee THB 5,000 USD 143
Security Deposit THB 50,000 USD 1,430
Tuition THB 285,220 USD 8,150 1 semester placement
Boarding THB 168,620 USD 4,818 1 semester placement
THB 508,840 USD 14,541 Total for placement

The boarding fee includes a comprehensive weekend activity programme, academic support in the evenings, room and board and ticketing services. (Some activities may carry an additional fee).


Parents of boarders will also create a contingency account for their son or daughter. Boarding staff will make a monthly report of the student’s expenses. The recommended amount is THB 20,000 and this amount will need to be kept in balance throughout the study abroad enrolment.

Non-essential transport for boarders

Boarding students who need non-emergency dental or other non-emergency services are responsible for the transport costs.

Uniform fee (All students)

All students must wear the Prem school uniform. The cost of the uniform for one student is approximately THB 5,000. Uniforms should be pre-ordered.

Prem International School

Prem’s Study Abroad is located within Prem Tinsulanonda International School, a leading IB world boarding and day school that aims to support and encourage students to become well-rounded individuals who are independent, confident and respectful young people.

Prem International School is currently home to over 155 boarding students and almost twenty boarding and learning mentor staff. Our community is continually growing and the diverse range of experiences, personalities, talents and cultures ensure that living in boarding at Prem is wonderful and unique. Our Study Abroad students mix with the other students and with teachers and families who are all familiar with the needs of students studying and living away from their own country for the first time.

  • Students gain new perspectives
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • A semester overseas looks great on a resume for university
  • Learn to be fully independent