Study Abroad at Prem

Short term Boarding Solutions, within our Intensive English Programme

Flourish in a safe and friendly environment through Prem’s academically and culturally rewarding Programmes.

Short term Boarding Solutions, Prem Academy and our Intensive English Programme

Prem Tinsulanonda International School, one of the top international boarding schools in Asia, offers a unique opportunity to join our community for shorter periods of time. There are all sorts of reasons for students wanting a stay of a few, or several weeks duration.

We also offer the opportunity for students to join our Intensive English Programme ( ) from one to six weeks.

Contact our Admission Office to find out how we can accommodate your short term educational needs:

Find out about Prem's Study Abroad Programme

Come and study at Prem for a semester!  We are also happy to discuss enrolments of shorter or longer duration. Our Study Abroad Programme enables students from other schools to live and learn with Prem students, gain new perspectives, and make friends from around the world. A semester overseas looks great on a resume for university applications and helps students learn to be fully independent. Contact our Admission Office to find out how this opportunity could benefit your child:

About the Study Abroad Programme

Prem International School

Prem’s Study Abroad is located within Prem Tinsulanonda International School, a leading IB world boarding and day school that aims to support and encourage students to become well-rounded individuals who are independent, confident and respectful young people.

Prem International School is currently home to over 155 boarding students and almost twenty boarding and learning mentor staff. Our community is continually growing and the diverse range of experiences, personalities, talents and cultures ensure that living in boarding at Prem is wonderful and unique. Our Study Abroad students mix with the other students and with teachers and families who are all familiar with the needs of students studying and living away from their own country for the first time.

  • Students gain new perspectives
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • A semester overseas looks great on a resume for university
  • Learn to be fully independent

We are also happy to discuss your needs for different durations of enrollment, please contact our Admissions Office to see how we can help you.

Intensive English Programme Overview

The IEP is unique in that it provides a wide array of subject areas to reinforce English language learning such as:
  • Core English class 
  • Writing 
  • Phonics 
  • Maths 
  • Science 
  • Art / Drama 
  • P.E. 
  • Music 
  • Learning outside of the classroom – Experiential learning , for instance on our Traidhos Educational Farm, or in  our many Exploria extra-curricular activities, in our fabulous Cookery Academy, or in a host of other wonderful learning environments.