Students Reflect on Ski Trip!

“Hakuba, Japan was a memorable experience for all those who went. This trip not only created a stronger bond between the students and teachers, but new relationships were also formed. Students who had never skied before went out of their comfort zones and found their new talent! The trip started with all the students put in groups with instructors to learn the basics of how to ski. The students were quick learners and not long after were swerving down the mountain. The view of the mountains was astonishing. Students enjoyed the incredible food and lots of them bought their loved ones’ souvenirs. Lots of laughs and memories were made and the trip ended on a good note.” – Astrid & Sienna, Students, Grade 9

“I think my favourite thing about going on this ski trip was the skiing, because it was very fun and also because I was able to go play with my friends. I really enjoyed the company of the skiing coaches since they were so funny – I loved it! One of my favourite things about this skiing trip was that I could get to travel with my friends since I have never travelled without my family members, so it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Overall, this ski trip was one of the best trips and I hope to go there again.” Kwan, Student, Grade 7


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