Students Recommend Good Books!

At the beginning of Term 3 Head of School, Ajarn Rachel, sent a welcome message to students and invited them to share any exciting or thought-provoking books they had read over the holidays. The following students responded and can look forward to Banana Bike Drink Vouchers on their return to school: Cici, Mieka, Yeonwoo, Noa – Grade 3, Naomi and Sissy – Grade 5, Eliza and Kevin – Grade 6, Tina and Reese – Grade 7 Andreas and Lena – Grade 8 and Tetahi – Grade 12.
They shared a super range of interesting books such as:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Dog Days (JS), Harry Potter (JS, MS)
One of Us is Lying (MS, SS), Cat Among the Pigeons (SS)
Xenocide (SS), I am Pilgrim (SS).
Reading is a wonderful way to relax and fill our minds with other worlds, people and absorbing narratives (ones where Covid19 and remote learning don’t exist!). Please keep encouraging your children to read for pleasure – as well as being highly enjoyable they will also naturally increase their vocabulary and sophisticated language expression.

Ajarn Rachel

Head of School

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