Students Inspired by Visiting Artist Chris TT

Last week, some lucky 6s* worked with Chris TT
Famed for his deep lyrics and catchy melody (wah wah wah wah wah wah!**)
The focus: how desired audience affects the text that’s born:
Its content, language, register and form.

Gathered round Chris to celebrate a hard morning’s work

They were treated to renditions of Chris’ songs first,
Then challenged to create their own chorus and verse
based on ancient heroes of the Trojan War
which they’d studied as a play, film, poem, and more!

Capturing the plot, they performed it in rhyme,
Then explained the intended audience they had in mind.
For some samples of their work, please read below…
Congrats to all the students for showing what they know.

*Grade 6 English Language & Literature Students
** Ask your children to explain ‘wah wah wah wah wah wah’ – the whole school was signing it all week)


GROUP A (for teens – an omniscient perspective)


Achilles kills Hector,
Mortal Hector
Covered in his own flood of blood
Dead, dead, Hector,
He won’t live forever.


Achilles shouts for Hector and revenge,
Hector knows he will get what he wants.
He also knows he won’t live much longer,
As every minute Achilles is getting stronger.


GROUP B (for a broad audience – an omniscient perspective)


What a stupid war,
Over a girl.
All really pointless,
What a world, what a world.


GROUP C (soft rock – from Achilles’ perspective)


Oh Oh, Oh oh, Patroclus, I will avenge you.
Oh oh, oh oh, Patroclus, I will fight for you.


I will chase I’m at great pace,
I will stab him with my spear,
He will be stained with scarlet blood,
He will go down in fear.


GROUP D (Blues – from Helen’s perspective))


Somebody rescue me-ya
Somebody rescue me-ya
Hector is dead
Achilles chopped off his head (not really)


Menelaus is naggin’
Paris is saggin’



A thousand ships were launched for this face,
And you know I think it was kind of a waste.



Boys all this fighting is flattering and all,
But please use your words, this is embarrassing.

GROUP E (from the dead Hector’s perspective)


I woke up, I knew what happened,
I looked down, I saw my body,
I was dragged, dragged, dragged…


Oh Achilles, how can you do such things?
Oh Achilles, your stab still stings.
Oh Achilles, you don’t have to do this,
Oh Achilles, what my family will miss.


Melanie Dickerson

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