Student Insight into Hand 2 Paw

What is hand to paw?

Hand to Paw was founded in 2009 by two teachers and several students from Prem. They found a dog outside of the campus and decided to help it by raising funds which allowed them to have enough money to bring it to a vet. Even though that saved its life, it prompted them to do more. They decided a good place to start helping dogs in need was to look in the temples. Soon, more than 10 temples and 50 dogs in the area were being looked after by Prem staff and students. 

This organisation has now grown to be spaying over 2,500 cats and dogs per year and also helping with vaccinations and medical care in low-income families whenever needed.


Exploria sessions at school

At school, we have an Exploria on a Friday for temple visits and petting dogs. They need human contact and just wish to be accompanied for that small portion of their fun times. We encourage more students to join and help with this! On Mondays during high school lunchtime, we have another student-led fundraising session. This is for planning and discussing donations. We encourage more to join in order to support our organisation and help out with events.




Work outside of school

Outside of school, hand to paw does so much more! Vaccines, rescues etc…

This is Rosie.  She got hit at the top of her spine by a vehicle and lost her ability to walk and was dragging her hind legs on the road when we found her. Although the x-ray showed no fracture, the hit caused her problems in coordination.  There is still 7000 baht needed to be raised for her x-ray, stay at the clinic and medicine costs.

Grandpa is an example of an opportunity to support street dogs without making donations.  He is old with itchy, irritated skin and has fleas and mange.  We treated him and is clean and fluffy again.  Often street dogs suffer from fleas, ticks, irritation, mange, worms all their lives and it is easy for us to help them by remembering to bring treats, repellent spray and flea/tick tablets at all times whenever you see a wounded stray. It’s easy to make your local stray population clean and happy!

Moonlight was found with a broken jaw on the streets, in pain and scared of humans.  In the process of her surgery, a bullet was found in her jaw and it was later discovered that she had recently been shot weeks before and therefore feared humans. Ever since then, she has lost weight and has not been eating well. Luckily, after weeks of surgery, she recovered and the bullet was removed.  It cost a total of 15,000 baht.



Now onto some happy news!

We have recently opened up a new adoption centre. The dogs there are great and love greeting new visitors.We adore temples that treat stray dogs with care! Wat Chon Pratham is one example:



With so much at stake, the dogs are all in need of help and financial support! They need all your donations and help in any possible way! This is why it is so important for you to support our fundraisers! We will be having an Easter egg hunt and movie night on the 22nd of April, the first Friday back from the break. So please do support us there!



Hand2Paw Ambassador

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