Story telling with stop motion

For two weeks, we have been working on creating stories about the children’s animal characters that they’ve been given in P.E.  We have been learning about the elements of a story, including characters and setting and have been exploring different ways to share the stories created.

Here, the children worked to tell their story with clay, drawing, and the use of natural materials before using the iPads to create a stop-motion video.

First, the children created their animal out of clay.

Then, each child created a setting for their story, which was where their animal lives.  First, they drew a picture of where their animal lives.  Next, we went outside to find natural materials to add to our pictures.  We thought about what the animals might like in their homes, such as leaves, sticks, and flowers.


Last, we used a stop-motion app on the iPads to create a video.  Below are a few of the videos that were created.    These are just the very beginning stages as we explored how to make stop-motion.  We will later be adding more.


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