Stepping -Up For Your House!

Recently I was asked about the value of student competition in House events and whether it could cause division rather than unity? This was a good question and one that I would like to take the opportunity to discuss here.

House to me has always represented inclusion, fun and a way to compete in a way that is healthy… after all the world is a competitive arena and we would do our students a disservice not to prepare them for this inevitability. As a Housemaster for many years myself I saw first-hand the importance of belonging to a house. It gives students an identity and a group of students who will always be there for them backing them all the way! These relationships are made richer through competition, learning to rely on and trust in people is a life lesson. And being relied upon even more so!  Putting yourself into situations you may not ordinarily find yourself such as singing or dancing on a stage in front of hundreds of people when you are neither a particularly good dancer or singer! But you step up anyway because people are relying on you to do so!

Our Houses are guided by Heads of Houses and Homeroom teachers whose job it is to walk you through these times to encourage, inspire and sometimes just plain beg you to take part! But the results are priceless and this was shown so vividly during our House competition this week with our annual House Dance Event! This event pushed, bonded, energised and gave every single dancer and non-dancer on that stage confidence and they had an absolute ball doing it! I have no doubt in my mind that this event inspired many sat in the audience to want to step up next year and to give something new a try! This is what House does,  and I believe students’ experience of school is made richer because of it.

Crispian Waterman

Director of Boarding, Head of the House System

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