Stars in the Making - Junior School Reading Challenge

On Monday February 1st at 8 o’clock sharp, the Junior School Reading Challenge officially begins.  All Junior School students have reading goals tailored to their grade, and will have 5 weeks to complete their goals.  Student may read in any language, but the books must be borrowed from our Prem library.

After students complete their goal, they will earn a star with their name on it.  They may place it on our “sky” in the library.  At present, it is empty of stars, but we look forward to an explosion of yellow by the end of the 5 weeks. 

Preparations are almost complete, and some students have already chosen library books that will be brought to their classroom Monday 


Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Librarians and other staff connected to the Junior School are also participating.  If parents would like to join in and read 5 books in 5 weeks, they are more than welcome to.  We do not expect parents to read Prem library books, as this could be logistically difficult.

Thanks for your support in encouraging reading at home.

A. Chrissy

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