Star Wars MUN conference

On Thursday 23 March, the Prem MUN team travelled to Payap University with A. Kirsty, A. Prim and A. Duang to participate in the second Model United Nations conference of the academic year.

The theme for this conference was ‘Democracy Strikes Back’ and it had the unique inclusion of a Star Wars themed Galactic Senate committee. Students in this committee represented the different planets from Star Wars and debated the issue of “Reevaluating the ethics of recruiting and training children to become Jedi knights.”  

This one-off committee was an appealing one for many of our younger delegates, who were able to experience the formality of a Model United Nations setting and debate topics that they found interesting and easily accessible, while still being able to make links to real life issues such as the recruitment of child soldiers. 

Other students debated in one of four more common Model United Nations Committees: the Security Council, the Environment Program, the High Commissioner for Refugees, and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs.  These committees debated issues ranging from cyber security and defending against cyber warfare to the environmental implications of atomic, solar and fossil energy and the strengthening of capacity for refugee host countries. 

Finally, fitting in well with the PREM Senior School Drug Awareness Week, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs debated the effectiveness of the decriminalisation of drugs. 

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