Trisha Pospisil

Trisha has over 20 years of teaching experience in local and international schools in the USA, Czech Republic, UAE, South Korea, Malaysia, China, and now Thailand. She has worked in school management and as a teacher trainer, but her true teaching passion lies in the IB DP curriculum, specifically in the Language and Literature courses where she has been an examiner for nearly a decade.

Trisha holds a Master’s in Education from Antioch University, Seattle, a PGCE in Management and Leadership from Derby University, UK, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication from The Ohio State University. She has led numerous competitive academic student clubs and looks to already be taking on multiple activities here at Prem focused on enhancing student life and well-being, especially through her role as House Parent in Boarding.

Though a native of rural Minnesota, Trisha has joined Prem from her second home just outside of Prague with her son, Filip, who is looking forward to finishing the MYP this year. Trisha is/was an avid traveller, outdoorsperson, and culinary mischief-maker who, before coming to Prem, built a tiny house with her son all last year. This teamwork with Filip has been one of her proudest parental achievements to-date! She believes there is little a person can’t do in life, if shown the right YouTube video and having the gumption to take a few interesting, unexpected risks.

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