Mayada Lowman

Mayada Bayomi is a Prem Junior School Homeroom teacher.  She has received her teaching degree and Masters of Education from The College of New Jersey, USA.  Mayada has 19 years of teaching experience, with 14 years of which working at international IB-PYP schools.  Prior to teaching at Prem, she taught junior school students ages 6-8 at the American British Academy in Muscat, Oman. This is where she has taken an extra leadership role as a curriculum coordinator.  Mayada has gained administrative experience when she worked as the Early Years Assistant Principal at the American International School of Kuwait. Throughout her work experience, Mayada attended multiple workshops and received extensive training on learning and teaching through inquiry and developing a love for learning and discovery.  She is passionate about the IB learner profile and approaches to learning and lives by them.  Mayada is always keen to take risks and learn new things and encourages her students to do so.   


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