Katie Brailsford

Katie is from Toronto, Canada where her journey started in a Montessori classroom. She then moved to Beijing and taught Grade 1, where she enjoyed immersing herself into the inclusivity of the PYP curriculum while learning about the rich cultures of Asia. Four years later, Katie moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to continue her journey of learning and exploring the many new experiences this world has to offer. She has now been teaching at Prem for the past six years, and continues to put her beliefs into practice everyday in the classroom. For example, Katie believes in making learning fun and purposeful.

As an educator– Katie’s mission is to create kind and dedicated individuals who can work together to make the world a better place. She is passionate about supporting students’ social emotional development, therefore she works hard to teach and implement strategies which encourage students to build confidence in their own learning skills. In her free time, she loves to jump on her motorbike and explore new places around Thailand– All the while having bubble tea in her hand, of course!

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