Charlotte Hankin

Originally from the UK, Charlotte has extensive educational experience spanning 20 years and four countries. Charlotte started her career as a teacher where she trained as a facilitator, coach, Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) and held various leadership and management roles, including school to school consultancy. Charlotte moved to Hong Kong where she set up a first-of-its kind bookstore aimed at challenging the critical thinking skills of academically advanced students through books and film.

From there, she set up an Extension Department at The Harbor School, a 21st Century World School finalist, that values personalized, and experiential pedagogy. With a passion for dynamic, progressive pedagogies, Charlotte moved to Misk Schools, Riyadh, as Head of Lower Primary School, where she worked to develop Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 to empower future leaders to lead and innovate Saudi Arabia. Deepening her educational experience on a macro level, Charlotte later became Education Policy Advisor for the UK government, working with Education ministers to support social change across Saudi Arabia.

One year ago, Charlotte returned to her grass roots as a class teacher at Prem to learn about the IB programme and study for an Education Doctorate (EdD). Charlotte is interested in how schools use and refer to animals, and how this might indicate anthropocentric or biocentric values towards the earth.

Charlotte believes that learning is a personal process since curiosity, competencies, confidence, experiences (and so much more) vary greatly from person to person and that school is a social experience; a place where people come together to form communities, build collective intelligence, and learn how to care for one another.

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