Rachel Keys

Rachel Keys is an international educator with over 30 years experience of school leadership, teaching, counselling and working internationally,

Born in the UK, with an undergraduate degree from Oxford University in English Language and Literature, and a Masters Degree in Education from the University of London, Goldsmiths, Rachel has been highly appreciative of the opportunity to work with aspiring young people in top international schools in China, France, Germany, Oman and Switzerland as well as the UK.

Rachel is married to an Art Educator and Artist Richard and they have two children Sophie (19) and James (12). Rachel believes that an IB education equips students in the profoundest of ways for their future life, giving them not only the academic and practical skills they need to be highly successful, but also providing the framework for understanding our complex world.

Rachel believes that Prem’s unique array of experiential learning experiences in the areas of sustainability, sports teams and outdoor education, creativity and the performing arts – together with outstanding teaching and learning mean that a world-class education is the gift all parents have made to their children when they choose Prem.


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