Adam Copus

Head of Air House / Boarding Parent / MYP Lang & Lit Teacher / JS Prem Parent

Adam is a Canadian educator with 15 years teaching experience in international IB schools in Asia.

Now in his second year at Prem, Adam recently worked at Victoria Shanghai Academy in Hong Kong where he served as IB DP CAS & Student Affairs Coordinator for nine years.

A passionate advocate for experiential learning outside of the classroom Adam can often be found working with a group of students on one project or another.

He is joined at Prem by his wife A. Wendy (EY3 Teacher), daughter Daisy (EY3), and son Dylan (EY2).

Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) degree from Saint Mary’s University (Nova Scotia) & a Bachelor of Education, from University of Maine (Magna Cum Laude).

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