The Junior School student council met for the first time this week and we were very excited to plan for spirit week, which will take place in this term’s very last week of school. Our super creative Junior School council planned for fun and exciting things. On Monday, dress up for favourite character day, and come to school based on your favourite character or any person. On Tuesday, it will be a fantastic and fun day to represent your country. Students can dress up to represent their country or bring an item, like a book, to tell more about their country. Wednesday, we have anything except a bag day. This means students are not allowed to bring their backpacks to school. So how are we bringing our stuff to school? You will have to be clever thinkers and use your creativity to come up with anything except a bag (e.g. baskets, suitcases, etc). On Thursday, our student council came up with crazy clothes day. Dress up in a super crazy costume! Last but not least we have Friday, which is creation day. Students come to school dressed in art pieces, paintings, or anything creative, so make sure you plan something and surprise everyone.


We are all excited to see what the students come up with. The student council wishes everyone a fantastic week!

  • Monday: Dress up as your favourite character day
  • Tuesday: Mother tongue day
  • Wednesday: Anything except a bag day
  • Thursday: Crazy clothes day
  • Friday: Creation day



Cici and the JSC,


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