Special Week

THIS is the only time the boarders will wake up early and on their own… Why, it’s Spirit Week!

Yes, the Middle School & Senior School students excitedly got up early to dress up for the day with different themes throughout the week. Day one saw some goofy costumes while the second day was touristy, the third got more serious but with stylish professional wear, the fourth went retro, and the finale was all glamorous with the “stars”. (Well, as the saying goes: a picture paints more than a thousand words. Here at Prem, you get pampered with two.)

YET, it was NOT fashion week! There were also varieties of foods and activities, where both the teachers and students had a ball together!

As an end note, let’s hear some comments:
“I like Spirit Day for the freedom to express myself.”
“It’s an excellent change to routines!” (they are open to other changes too)
“It’s good to see our own identities and individual characters.”
“I’m going for the pizzas at 20 baht a piece!” (while in the long queue)
… Wished it were a monthly event ☺

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