Special Fundraiser for Kib during Premathalon

In support of Kib who is undergoing chemotherapy and has shaved her head, a few more of our teachers have agreed to volunteer to shave their heads too to fundraise for some of her medical costs. This event will take place around 4:45 pm Friday 10th during the Premathalon!
If you’re keen on making a donation, you can either bring cash to put in our donation box Friday during the event, you can come and find me personally all next week to make a donation, or you can send it through PayPal: Hand 2 Paw, email AmandineL@ptis.ac.th, Merchant: SXTKJNAEZGFME
In addition, if you want to reach out to Kib to let her know you care about her, you can write her a note or a card and bring it to her, or bring healthy foods to share with her (she’s been asked to stay away from milk, so soy milk or almond milk is a better alternative!)
The Premathalon event will be splitting their own fundraising efforts with Baan Dek Foundation and Northern Cancer Foundation (this one is also to show our support to Kib!)
If you have questions, email me at AmandineL@ptis.ac.th

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