SongKran here at Prem

Songkran is a festival celebrating Thai New Year, held on April 13, 14, 15. We celebrate SongKran to mark the beginning of the Buddhist New Year, by visiting the temple on the morning of SongKran day, pouring water on the hands of revered elders and asking for blessings, as well as splashing water on families and friends.

Why do we splash water on people on SongKran? 

We do that because people believe that water will wash away bad luck, and splashing water will give them New Year blessings. Traditionally in Chiang Mai, the first day of SongKran is usually spent cleaning the house to remove past bad luck. The second day is spent going to the temple to pray for good luck, and bringing sand to the temple to prepare for the building of traditional sand castles. The third day is also spent at the temple to pray for those who have passed away, and is the day to Rod Nam Dam Hua which is a way to honour elders and ask for blessings from them. The third day is also the day where the traditional sand castles are built out of the sand that was brought to the temple the previous day.

How did we celebrate SongKran here at Prem?


Prem celebrated SongKran by taking part in the activity Rod Nam Dam Hua. Rod Nam Dam Hua is done to honour the elders, as well as apologise for any wrongdoings and thank them for all they have done for us. We pour water that has been scented on the hands of elders and ask for their blessings.


During PD day on Thursday 6th of April, teachers made ‘Tung’ (which are flags) to decorate the sand pagoda in front of the auditorium. This year Uncle Noi and his “Salaw Sor Sung” band played live traditional music as well.

Happy Songkran!

Sukanya Charpentier

Thai Principal

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