Songkran English Camp

Between 27 March and 2 April, Traidhos Camps welcomed students from Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Udon Ratchathani for a week of fun and learning. 

Students were keen to improve their confidence in using English and did so through both formal study and plenty of listening and speaking opportunities during adventurous activities, art and craft sessions and off-campus visits. The summer temperatures did not stop the campers from exploring the natural world. Everyone had fun camping for a night in the cool of Doi Inthanon. 

Jay, Head of Traidhos Camp, was impressed at how quickly the group interacted together well and by the way, they could adapt to healthy eating and time away from computer gadgets. It was great to see young people communicating with each other!

For information about the June, July and August Traidhos Camps programs, see

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