So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen Kien.

When a young boy packed his bags for English Camp and left his family and Vietnam it seemed unthinkable that Chiang Mai would become his new home and family for more than ten years. But that young boy fell in love with our campus and after camp finished, persuaded his parents to allow him to study at Prem. Kien enrolled and was a boarder for five years, allowing him to become fluent in English and complete his IB exams.

At the end of G12, he applied to VSP and became the first VSP gap year student, learning about working with visiting groups and supporting office work.  He was accepted to study in Switzerland and we fondly said goodbye wishing him well in the next phase of his life.

After graduating in tourism, Kien married and traveled, but he never forgot his second home. What a surprise to receive a call from him asking if there was any position that he might be able to apply for. And so began his next four and a half years living and working with Visiting Schools Program. Soon Kien became a coordinator, designing and implementing trips and more recently qualifying to lead different aspects of International Award.

This week we say farewell to Kien again, as he moves to be with his wife and daughter in Hong Kong and take up a position in IT. We wish him well in his next venture and look forward to welcoming his family back to visit whenever he feels homesick for Chiang Mai.

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