Sharing the Planet

We have launched our next unit of Sharing the Planet.  For this unit it will be all about sustainability and taking action! Please read our unit letter to learn more.

Sharing the Planet Unit Flyer 2018

However, before we can even think about helping our environment we need to learn to love it first.  This is why we did a lesson outside where students formed groups and created art pieces using natural materials.  Besides the bugs, the students were very happy and kept asking to go back.



On Thursday that students went to the farm to learn about sustainability.  They had to collect some goat poop, add and mix it with the compost, bring the compost to feed some plants, harvest the plants and then feed the goats.  This was used to show the cycle.  No food was wasted.  We used this in introduce the concepts of biodegradable and compared it to plastic.


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