ShareTheLove campaign at Prem

#ShareTheLove campaign is organised by The Climate coalition since its founding in 2018. During the month of February, people from all over the world have shown their love for our Planet in various forms. This year a group of students from Grades 6 through 9 in English Language Acquisition decided to participate in this campaign by creating posters to show their love for Earth. They shared their idea with the rest of the community and quickly had more participants join, including students from IEP.

It was fantastic to see so many students working together to share what they love about our Planet and how we need to preserve it. This is the start of something that we hope will develop and involve the entire community next year.

We created a board on the top floor of the Junior school to display the work. You can see IEP students proudly showing their work before adding it to the Love board. You can also see Grade 7 Phase 2 and 3 putting up their work. 



Anne – Carole Laborde

Language Acquisition teacher

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