As a way to kick start our first face-to-face start of the year in two years, we wanted to acknowledge the momentous step that our Grade 12s are taking. First days are important, and these individuals have now had their last-ever first day of school. As a way to acknowledge this step with them, on the eve of this occasion, we had them all on site for a sleep-over in the clusters with a BBQ and amazing bonfire. After a long summer apart, it was wonderful to see them greet each other and enjoy themselves around a campfire with smores, followed by a student-initiated basketball game. 

Although the homeroom teachers were definitely expecting some resistance, the Grade 12 students woke up seemingly effortlessly at 4.30am so that we could all travel to watch the sun rise at Mon Jam. We arrived as day was breaking and watched the clouds change colour and the sun break through on their last first day. It was a magical and heartening experience, made more so by the fact that we were the only people there. It took a good hour for the cafe to open, for the long awaited caffeine hits. Once the day was fully started, we had breakfast together at Krapood, joined by Ajarn Shaun and Rachel. It was a memorable way to begin grade 12, and a pleasure for the homeroom teachers to be part of their memory. Now for the last year, which we will end with a similar visit to watch the sun set on their last ever day of school. This will be a year of many lasts for Grade 12 as they finish their time at Prem and move on to so many firsts. They are such a special group of individuals who will achieve many great things this year and beyond. 


 Abbie Neall

Senior School Assistant Principal Academic, DP Coordinator

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