Senior School Walking Concert

Dear members of our community,

It is with great excitement that we hereby invite you to Prem’s very first Senior School Walking Concert; the opening and closing ceremony of our “Celebration of Learning” Days.


The Walking Concert:

A brand-new concept which will move away from our more formal concerts in previous years and resemble more of a mini-festival during which we will celebrate the achievements of our talented Senior School musicians with about 40 performances spread over 3 stages, and with a myriad of “Celebrations of Learning” activities taking place in between. 



Tuesday 28th June: FULL CONCERT

Stage 1: 09.00-09.45 am, AUDITORIUM

Stage 2: 10.50-11.30 am, ART HOUSE

Stage 3: 02.15-03.30 pm, AUDITORIUM


Wednesday 29th June: A concise version of the concert

01.45-03.00 pm, Auditorium


Virtual Transitions:

Around the Auditorium and Quad, you will find QR CODES which we invite you to scan in order to listen to some of the original compositions created by our Grades 91012 throughout the year. Also, you will be able to enjoy a selection of fresh drinks and healthy food available for purchase (while supporting various students’ projects).


What to bring/wear?

Wear comfortable clothes, bring an umbrella.


Bring a phone or iPad, in order to scan the QR codes along the way and listen to the students’ compositions (you may want to consider bringing headphones for an even better experience).


More info?

Contact Ajarn Laurent:

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