Senior School Student Council Retreat Program

On Friday 22nd October, members of the Prem Senior School Student Council took part in a small retreat program, where they enjoyed a team-building workshop led by Ajarn Lynda Rolph and the VSP staff.
This retreat program aimed to break the ice between members of the Student Council and develop our teamwork. Members participated in a range of activities, as seen some examples below!

This game required the members to collaborate in order to put a pencil into a bottle, variations were played with some members being blindfolded.

Another game played was the ‘Robot, Chip and Computer’, where different members played different roles. The robot was blindfolded, the Chip could not see what was going on while the computers could not speak.

The picture shows our final group reflection bringing together what we learnt and how we will improve the council in the future.
From this event, members learned what it means to be a leader and what makes an effective team. Through multiple reflections, the group was able to apply the knowledge to various situations, building the skills needed for effective communication, teamwork, and leadership.

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