Senior School Music Concert

On May 11th, the Senior School Music Department held its semester-end concert, with guest appearances from the Grade 4 and 5 students. The concert featured a range of solo and ensemble performances, as well as a variety of styles genres. The concert opened with a beautiful two-part song performed by the Grade 4, 5, and 6 choir. Soloists from Advanced Music included Ma-meaw, Minaki, and Rasnam on piano, as well as Tristen and Miyu on voice with A. Santi and Pran as their accompanists. Our beginning ensembles included the Grade 6 string ensemble and the Grade 8 concert band. Small ensembles included a guitar trio and a piano quartet from the Intro to Music class. We also featured a large band and orchestra ensemble comprised of students from the Concert Band and the Grade 9-10 Intro to Music and Advanced Music classes, as well as a new advanced string ensemble. Thank you to Sita and Rasnam for emceeing and thank you to A. Lizzy, A. Yog, and A. Santi for all of your help in putting this concert. It was a fantastic celebration of all of the musical efforts and accomplishments of our students!

-Musically yours,
A. Gina

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