Senior School Honour Roll Awards

“Senior school students are recognized on the Principal’s Honour Roll if they achieve a semester GPA of 5.75 or above (for all subjects). Truly outstanding scholarly skills and behaviours were witnessed throughout the semester with 73 Senior School students making the Roll from Grade 6 through 12. Congratulations to our Honour Roll recipients for Semester 1 of Ay 20/21 and to all Senior School students who persevered, grew and learned throughout Semester 1 in Blended Learning, Face to Face learning and even 3 weeks to end the Semester in Remote Learning! We are proud of all our SS students!”

Ajarn Jeff Marquis

Senior School Principal


On Friday morning students who achieved impressive grade point averages in Semester 1 were celebrated by their peers and teachers. It was also ‘dress up as your favorite book character’ day as part of Literacy Week, and House day, so the Senior School Undercroft presented a colourful scene as the SS team announced which students would receive certificates in congratulation of their outstanding academic achievements.

In grade 6 awards went to Alfie, Emma, Tim. With a GPA of 6.40, the academic award for Grade 6 went to Alfie

In grade 7 awards went to Bandagi, Hanson, Lisa, Matthew, Nathan, Priya, Sally, Tom. With a GPA of 6.7, the academic award for Grade 7 went to Bandagi.

In grade 8  awards went to Aaron, Chloe, Coco, Fafa, June, Karen, Lena, Lunning, Mickey, Pinn, Vanessa, Vivian. With a GPA of 7, the academic award for Grade 8 went to Coco.

In grade 9 awards went to Claire, Kauani, Mali, Mark, Meena, Noa, Samantha, Viveka. The academic award for Grade 9 was a 3-way tie.  With a GPA of 6.5 – congratulations to Viveka, Mark and Samantha.

In grade 10 awards went to Andy Sha, Ariel, Caitlin, Conrad, Daniel, Fillipo, Gavin, Merlin, Guy, Jay, Namping, Or, Mir, Steve, Zsombor. The academic award for Grade 10 is shared this semester. Both of these students have a GPA of 6.88.  Congratulations to Daniel and Merlin.

In grade 11 awards went to Khao-Suay, Gabe, Emmy, Yim, Poon, Sein, Peter, Sophia, Steven, Yoedchen, Cindy, Frank. With a GPA of 6.33, the academic award for Grade 11 was awarded to Poon.

In grade 1 awards went to  Alex, Chao, Hannah, Laurence, Karen, Maurits, Nino, Jeff, Ryosuke, Sebastian, Sophie, Fast, Ugen, Kevin, Ben Ma. The academic award for Grade 12 was a joint award this Semester.  Congratulations to Jeff and Hannah who both  recorded a GPA of 6.83.

It is wonderful to see so many Prem students excelling in their academic studies. Our congratulations to all who received awards today, and our deeply felt thanks to the amazing teaching staff who helped them reach these impressive GPA’s. Our thanks to also to Ajarn Jeff, Ajarn Sarah, and Ajarn Dan for organizing this joyful celebration and all of the SS homeroom teachers who helped us mark the effectiveness of Prem’s continued commitment to ‘joyful and effective learning’.

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