Seeds and Planting

Continuing with our inquiry into the various seeds this week, we read stories, ‘The Carrot Seed’ and ‘The Tiny Seed’.  As we read, I posed questions such as ‘What do you think might have happened if the seeds weren’t watered?’, ‘I wonder what happens when the seeds drop in the ocean?’ or ‘What do you think made the plant grow?






Children had a chance to look closely and to observe the many different types of seeds. Through a seed sorting activity, children became aware of the similarities and differences i.e. shapes, sizes, colors of the different seeds.

After discussing about what the seeds might need in order to grow, we finally we planted the various seeds in the seedling planters.  Several children said that the seeds would need the sun as well as to be watered everyday, so we shall do that and see what happens!  We will keep you posted!


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