Seed exploration at the farm

While at the farm this week, the children were invited to find seeds.  This idea came from them as they have been coming up with ideas to make their own EY3 mini farm/garden near our classroom.  The children came up with a list of things that they would like to grow, and once that list was finished, we set off to try and find the seeds at the farm.

The children split into two groups and were off to try and find as many seeds as they could.  We encouraged them to collect anything they thought was a seed so that we could try to plant them and see what happens.

There were a lot of questions during our time at the farm this week and we are looking forward to seeing what we can grow!


Once back at the class, we collected the seeds and some children worked together to sort them.  We will spend some time exploring these and finding out what is actually a seed.

Can you identify anything on this table?  What do you think we will grow?