Season 3 Success for Prem Teams

The U12 boys’ futsal team has won the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC) trophy for the second year in a row. The team played an excellent tournament, which was hosted at Prem, with all players contributing significant minutes. After three wins and one draw in the round-robin format group stage, the boys convinced in the final, winning by three goals to zero.

Last week, our U14 boys and girls volleyball teams competed in the CMAC tournament which also took place at Prem. The boys were able to win the tournament, finishing the day with three wins and one loss. The girls also impressed, playing a few very close games and showing great improvement.

Prem’s high school volleyball teams also played their CMAC tournaments over the past two weeks. The Varsity girls finished the season with shiny bronze medals. After losing a close semifinal to Grace, the girls picked themselves back up and convincingly came out on top in the third place game. The JV boys and girls also qualified for the semifinals and both finished in fourth place. We are all looking forward to next year as it is clear that the future of Prem volleyball is bright.

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