5 students from the High School represented Prem at SEAMC, also known as the South East Asian Maths Competition it is where up to 60 international schools come together to compete on a mathematical playing field. This year the event took place in Manila from Thursday 1st March to Sunday 4th March. The rounds are not your typical “sit down in an exam hall and complete maths problems.” The rounds were diverse and concentrated in different areas of skills that a mathematician needs.
After arriving in Manila, we had the opening ceremony where we got to meet other schools from around the region. After a quick icebreaker round, we then had a talk from the brilliant Dr. James Tanton who explained concepts from kindergarten level to college level through exploding dots which was really interesting and opened our minds to other forms of explaining mathematical concepts. We were then introduced to our buddy teams, who are people from different schools and we work together for some of the rounds. On the first day, we were introduced to the open round where we had to create a poster explaining and displaying our solutions of complex maths questions. It was really fun to collaborate with enthusiastic students who love maths and most of us kept in touch with our buddy team after the competition.

The second day, we headed to Brent International School to compete in several rounds. The first one, and the most traditional out of all rounds was the mathematician round. It consisted of numerous questions varying in difficulty (although most were very challenging). Following the mathematician round was the codebreaker round where we had to figure out the missing terms in a sequence and we only had 5 seconds to figure it out. The codes could be as abstract as binary, the Fibonacci sequence and even the letters on the right side of the keyboard! We then went on a trip to the Enchanted Kingdom where we had to make an inspirational video highlighting some mathematics (but it was also a chance to have fun and have a go on lots of the rides). We ended off the day watching the spectacular code breaker finals.
On the third day, we headed to British School Manila. We had an individual Duel round in the morning. In this round, we played a game which was a sp with a different opponent. After that, we had innovation round with our buddy team, which we had to make marble ride by cardboard. Our target is to keep our marble on the ride as long as we can. We conclude our competition by having a nice Gala dinner at Acacia Hotel. All medals are awarded to winners during the Gala dinner. Jeff, Kevin, and Gase’s buddy teams came on top 10 best teams.

We realised more practice are needed in order to improve on codebreaker and mathematician round and we already started the training. We are looking forward to Senior competition in October 2018.

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