Saving life: ‘Tsethar’

"Tshethar” is the practice of freeing living beings from imminent death. ‘Tse’ is literally life and ‘thar’ literally liberation. In its broadest sense, ‘tsethar’ can encompass saving every life form on earth.

Many Buddhists around the world call the month of May ‘Vesakha’ or ‘Saga Dawa’. In May, a festival is celebrated to highlight the day when Sakyamuni (Buddha) attained the enlightenment. During this festival, everyone will be seen reciting prayers and playing the holy beads.

To celebrate this event the Bhutanese community at Prem International School contributed some money to save the life of fish. Thirty-seven fish and a beautiful turtle were saved from the local market and freed into our beautiful school pond with a long life prayer.

The act of saving the fish and turtle was a wonderful way to show respect.

Written by A. Sonam

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