Sakura Flowers on Doi Pui Mountain

On the 21st of January, our boarders went on an afternoon excursion to the top of Doi Pui Mountain, to see the ‘Sakura flowers’.  We were just in time as the flowers bloomed late this year. The scenery was stunning, just like stepping into a place found only in fairy tales. The students enjoyed snacking on ice cream, taking lots of pictures, and singing happily.

(Boarding Weekend adventure: finding Sakura flowers in ‘Doi Pui’; Ben, Lila, Michelle, Sam, and Ugen)

(Alvin, Ben, and Sam enjoying some ice cream and beautiful scenery at the lake)

(Stunning scenery, an afternoon snack, and a very happy Alvin and Avery)

Written by:  Anond Kongsiri 31st January, 2017

Illustration by: Anond Kongsiri 21st January, 2017

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