Ror Dor Field Training for Prem Students (10 - 16 August)

Prem’s twenty-seven Thai military (Ror Dor) students attended a field training camp at the 7th Battalion of Artilleryman in Mae Rim from 10 to 16 August 2020. This group of Ror Dor students was well accompanied by Kru Kai, our Ror Dor Supervisor.

Below please find some comments from our students about the challenging and tough military field training that they have just completed:

“I learned that we as students are lucky to have what we have. Our parents have worked hard to provide us with a good lifestyle. And  when things are ‘bad’ for us, they really aren’t that bad because Lor Dor training showed us what bad really meant. We are lucky to have what we have and must not use that as an opportunity to look down on others but rather as an opportunity to help and be friendly with others who are less fortunate than us. Prejudice is unacceptable and anyone who thinks they are better than anyone else because of who they are or what they have is simply a fool”.

Steve  – Year 1 Ror Dor Student

“I learned that cooperation is an essential life skill which was shown to us many times throughout the camp. For example, a group punishment during the training has taught us to take responsibility for one another in the team. These life lessons would also be very important to us in the future”. 

Kanasanan (Jay) – Year 1 Ror Dor Student

“For me, I learned from the Ror Dor camp that life is not always perfect like what you expect. So sometimes the only solution is being patient”.
Poon – Year 2 Ror Dor Student 
Chanrit Jindamorakot (Kru Kai)
Ror Dor Supervisor

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