Revising in the Grade 12 Study Room

The Grade 12 Study Room is a space located adjacent to the laundry room, across from Cluster 12. Last year, many Grade 12 students felt that they had no area designated specifically for them to study in boarding. Therefore, this room was created, with student suggestions accommodated where possible. This space is open to both male and female Grade 12 students and it can be used for both independent studying and collaborative work. The room is used in the afternoons and also between 8:30 and 11:00 P.M., when the Grade 12’s must return to their apartments.
With Mock Exams fast approaching, the Grade 12 Study Room is quite full every night. Boarding staff took a few minutes to ask the students some questions about why they appreciate this space. Please see their responses below.
Why do you like having a place specially designated to study?
Student 1: It’s quiet here, and everyone else is here to study as well. They respect the space as a place for work, and it is not like in the library where everyone is there doing different things and can become noisy.
Student 2: Also, It’s close to boarding and is easily accessible for us.
Student 3: It’s a different space from our apartments and the library where we usually work. This gives us a fresh sense of motivation to study. We are not as comfortable here as we are in our apartments and we do not feel we want to relax as we do when we study in our rooms.
How often do you use this space?
Student 2: Before we mostly used it on weekends but also some nights before tests when we want a quiet place to revise. Now we are using it almost every night and on some afternoons.
What are some distractions you [as students] have when studying in your apartments or in the library?
Student 1: Other people in my apartment can be distracting, especially if they are not studying. Having my bed and the option of watching a movie on the couch is also a temptation. In the Study Room, I focus only on work.
Student 3: The library can be very noisy when many students from different grades are there. Personally, I feel the seats are too comfortable and it makes me very relaxed and less inclined to work.
Boarding staff are pleased that the Grade 12 students are utilizing this space. We hope their revision efforts here help them to perform well both in the Mock Exams and on their other assignments.

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