Revamped Boarding Bites Returns

Boarding Bites has been re-launched with a new mission statement. Traditionally the student-led Boarding Bites has stocked snacks(mostly unhealthy) for the older students after prep. The new Boarding Bites aims to provide a sustainable café/shop for the boarding community, which promotes healthy options and creates minimal waste. Any profits from Boarding Bites will go to a sustainable themed charity.
They have stocked the shelves of the freshly decorated Boarding Bites with healthier alternatives to the traditional snacks such as crisps and sugary drinks. In collaboration with the Rawsome House, the students have raw snacks to sell. These fresh raw treats include watermelon juice, banana rolls, chocolate and berry ice cream. To promote the opening to the boarders the team have gone door to door selling ice cream and homemade granola mixes which proved very popular. The team will experiment with different recipe ideas to find a selection of snacks they can make themselves this will include on and off-campus workshops. They are looking at having special events which would focus on different foods such as national dishes, Taco Tuesdays, Wholemeal Muffin Wednesday and so on. Alongside, this the Boarding Bites team plans to expand the opening times of the shop to include after school hours.
They want to get stock that has minimal packaging so they are looking at different suppliers and trying to source snacks locally.

It’s a hugely exciting project but worth it to play a small part in modelling how to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.
Watch out for the opening times and come along for a cuppa.

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