Rethinking HL Math!

The world of higher-level mathematics is both challenging and fascinating. Grade 12 Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL students have been learning about complex numbers (that extend the set of numbers to include the square roots of negative numbers). We know that having a variety of learning experiences and having some fun whilst learning makes new learning more memorable, as well as putting some joy into our day, and Matt Bower’s great book “John and Betty’s Journey into Complex Numbers” delivers on both counts. It’s a read-aloud childrens’ book of the style that students can remember fondly from their days in Junior school that introduces the world of complex numbers in a simple and intuitive way through the questions and ideas of two small children exploring. We have enjoyed reading it together and this week we will be applying the new conceptual understanding gained from it to problem-solving situations and examination questions.

Lucy Kyte
Mathematics Teacher

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