Restoring Community

Laughter, snippets of conversation, the patter of feet and the sounds of basketballs being bounced. Our campus has fallen silent from these sounds over the last few months. The absence of families, who are the heart of our community, has caused those of us on campus to focus more on the natural sounds – the symphony of bird song, the rainy season storms orchestrating the music of wind and leaves and the background sounds of cicada and frogs. These are beautiful, but they are not the primary focus of this place.

Our Community of Learning can’t wait to welcome you back and within the safety of covid- 19 protocols, to connect with you and to help you connect to the opportunities on campus.

Get ready for morning yoga in the open sala, supporting Prem student initiatives and the local community at Community Market, Friday night to Saturday afternoon 24-hour camp overs and a face to face catch up with friends after you have dropped your children at school in Banana Bike Café. We are looking forward to sharing less well-known areas of campus with a family Storywalk activity planned for November, and family programs at the farm.

Over the Summer, Krapood Restaurant relocated and has now reopened. It can be accessed from the turning to Premburi. Why not stop there for dinner after a late Exploria? The menu includes reasonably priced pasta and pizza dishes and the new location provides a wide grassy area perfect for playing on while parents enjoy a more leisurely meal.

As Prem parents, you are also part of the Traidhos Community. What can we offer you, your family or your children? Is there something you would like us to arrange a workshop about? Would you like to attend an open-air music event as the cool season approaches? Have you seen photos of your children on the climbing wall and wished you could try? Would you be interested in a daytime photography course? Or do those birds and the natural world of our campus make you feel you would like to know more?

I would love to hear your suggestions so that as we re-open we can more fully embrace our vision of being an international community living and working together for a sustainable future; a community that offers learners of all ages the chance to try new things and develop new skills.

Come and join us! We need you to restore the heart of Traidhos so that once again the natural atmosphere of campus can be enriched by your laughter, snippets of conversation, the patter of feet and the sounds of basketballs being bounced.


We are always looking at ways to provide meaningful community events and activities, please fill out our survey so we can serve you better: Traidhos Community Activities Survey


Lynda Rolph

Traihdos Head of Community

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