Restored Natural Beauty

When did you last visit the islands in the south of Thailand? Was it before or after the global pandemic?

Without the presence of humans, over the last year the beaches are looking cleaner, and the coral reef ecosystem is thriving. The diversity of marine life and brightness in the colour of the underwater world are evidence of how healthy it is.

Many scientific researchers have studied the natural world over the last year. The data shows some rare species have returned for the first time in 20 years! In Thailand for example, female leatherback turtles hauled themselves onto the beaches of the Andaman coast to lay their eggs, and the black tip reef sharks population in Maya Bay has increased.

Many lovely situations are happening in the natural world at this moment, proof that when nature gets to rest from human activity it welcomes us back with even more beauty.

Ajarn Betty

Traidhos Barge Program

Betty joined the Barge Program three years ago after working in Elephant Conservation. She is passionate about recycling and reducing our impact on the planet. Betty speaks Chinese, English and Thai.

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