Reflective Project Presentation

On Monday, March 20th, the current Career-Related Program Hospitality students presented their Reflective Projects to a panel of mediators and audience members. Narubest ‘Will’ Jones presented his ethical dilemma on Longline Tuna fishing and Krittaphat ‘Tutor’ Hanphithakkul presented his ethical dilemma on the use of Herbicides in Thai agriculture.
The Career-Related Program (CP) is an International Baccalaureate (IB) program that has been developed for students who are focused on career-related learning which involves hands-on practical work which allows them to develop a variety of career-related skills within their program. Besides their CP related courses, students also receive the academic challenges of the IB program by taking various Diploma Program courses as well.
Reflective Project is a mandatory part of the CP and is a six-month research on an ethical dilemma which the student has chosen. Students have a variety of ways they are able to present their ethical dilemma including a short film, interview or slide presentation. Along with the presentation, a report is also included to give more detail on their ethical dilemma.
Both Will and Tutor did an excellent job in their presentation and their projects will now be sent to the IB for their external verification.

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