Reflections on a different sort of summer

One of our Grade 9 IEP students has written about her experience this summer. I am sure it will resonate with many of us as we think of how different the world is, how it has impacted our lives,  and how much we look forward to the opening of school.

Thank you to Emily for allowing us to share her beautiful piece of writing:

“I have been in Chiang Mai for seven months and I haven’t been home for the past seven months.

Sometimes I think of my home. I miss my father very much. He would enter my room every morning and say “ wake up”. After that, we will run for 4km together. Sometimes I think of my mother, I like spicy food very much. The food in Chiang Mai is too bland for me. My mother’s cooking is very nice. Sometimes I think of my two dogs. Every time I go home and open the door, they will rush to me and swing their tails!

My parents think that speaking English can have a bright future. So they sent me to Prem. When I first came, my English was so bad that I only said “ Thank you”, “Goodbye” and “How are you?”. But now I can talk with foreigners and read some books. I hope  that by the end of this summer, my English can be greatly improved, and I can pass the Weda test to enter Prem’s senior school.

This summer I cannot go back to China because of Covid-19, so I live with A. Maggie. I often miss home, but I cannot go back. It makes me angry, so I often quarrel with Sarah, but our friendship is still the same.

I hope to end Covid-19 soon”

Emily IEP

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