Reap as you Sow

Traidhos Camp staff Sheena shares how seed saving in Chiang Mai offers a bright future.

The soil is ready, the compost is mixed, grab some seeds and let’s feed the world. But wait what about the seeds? Where did you get them? Did you get them from a local grandparent or buy them from a big agri-biz company?

I get mine from our seed bank here at Pun Pun Center for Self Reliance.

We are a group of like-minded people working together to save indigenous and heirloom seeds and give them out for free to people who would like “real seeds”. When we save seeds we can maintain our local biodiversity becoming self-reliant, we can also work to prevent GM seeds from wiping out the local varieties. 

When we gather and work towards a common goal we become more than just a group of individuals involved in a project, we become a driving force working towards changing people’s views of seeds and our own food sovereignty.


Traidhos Three-Generation Camps


Sheena has been part of the Traidhos Family since leaving Canada  to join  for the Barge Program as an intern and then Coordinator way back in 2004.

Later she moved to lead science based field work trips with VSP before becoming the first head of Farm Program. She took a break after her daughter was born and now is back working with Camp Program and the occasional Barge Trip.


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