Grade 5 Provocation Lesson

This week Grade 5  started their new unit on Migration. They arrived at school on Wednesday morning to a surprise! During the morning meeting, the students were asked to get all their bags and belongings.
They were then offered if they would like to go work and help in the grade 1, 2 and 4 classrooms. Some students volunteered and off  they went to the classroom to do jobs for the teachers in these classes. The other students were asked to pack their bags and were told they were going on the move. As we walked over to the Senior School, the students had so many questions, ‘is this to do with Migration? “Is this about the first work we did yesterday?” “Where are we going?”
The students were dropped off in different classrooms. Some students participated in grade 10 art class with Ajarn Erica, other students went to a grade 9 science class with Ajarn Andrew, some to a grade 10 extension Maths class with Ajarn Lucy, and finally some students attended Ajarn Benjamin’s class in the Library. The idea is we wanted to provoke some thinking and feelings about being on the move to an unfamiliar environment. We came back and reflected and the students had so much to say and share. They explored the concepts of feelings, opportunities and challenges and together we made comparisons of these concepts between the students who volunteered to go somewhere to the student who had no choice. We used a Venn Diagram to record our ideas and to find the similarities and differences.
This was an incredible experience for the students and hopefully will be a great catalyst to inspire learning for the rest of the unit.
Kind regards

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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