Real life connections to our learning (Market Day)

The students in grade 4 have been learning about Entrepreneurs in their most recent Unit of Inquiry. The culminating event to showcase their learning was being entrepreneurs and implementing a Market. The unit  focussed on the skills and resources that entrepreneurs use to be successful. On Wednesday March the 10th, Grade 4 participated in a Market afternoon. On speaking to Ryan Spadafora after the market he discussed the process of how they implemented their Market and the skills and resources he used as an entrepreneur.

 In our unit we were learning about Entrepreneurs and how to be successful. First we planned so that everyone had a role, my role was the cook with Tiger in our stall. I baked cookies and Tiger had hotdogs, tea and egg-tarts. The Prem children came to our market and I think they enjoyed coming because they could play the games or eat and drink if they wanted. Some of the other stalls in the market had different food and drinks for the students. I used thinking and social skills as an entrepreneur. I had to be a thinker when I was planning out what the students would want to buy. I was the group leader and so I used my social skills  to communicate and cooperate with my teammates and I used my self management skills to do a lot of the organising. I had to organise my team’s roles and what they would bring and what they would do. The resources I used were an oven, the ingredients and the time to do the baking. I think that we made a profit and I would like to donate my money to Hand 2 Paw.”
Ryan Spadafora

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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