Reach Out Week

Dear Parents,
We launched Reach Out Week last Friday and we invite you to take part in the conversations we’re having at school. We’re calling this week “Reach Out” Week because our focus is on the solution; reaching out and connecting. The parallel topic is Drug and Alcohol Awareness.
The idea is based on a study by Bruce Alexander, which seemed to indicate that connection (at least in rats) is a deterrent to drug use/abuse. The evidence exists that this idea is applicable to humans too.
At Prem, our focus will be as such:

  • Give accurate information to students regarding the risks
  • Take a look at how we make decisions (what influences us)
  • Discuss necessary safety measures to consider (ie: having a designated driver, going to a party with a friend and looking out for each other)
  • Encourage meaningful connections (to peers, adults, passions, hobbies, animals, sports, art, etc)

We will also discuss strategies on how to decline alcohol/drugs if offered as well as brainstorm how to deal with risky situations (including getting in the car with someone who has been drinking).
Yesterday, we invited speakers (addicts in recovery) to come and speak to our Grade 6s-12s.
We sincerely hope that you will ask your child some questions about this week and use this opportunity to initiate or continue a conversation with them about this subject.
Here are two links to help in that discussion, if you’d like.

Reach Out!

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