PYP Exhibition Using Scratch

Grade 5 students Niall and Ugen are currently working on the PYP Exhibition in preparation for the 16 May deadline.  

The two boys have decided to use technology in a fun way to show how animals are endangered.  Using the programming language Scratch (a free graphic programming language ) created by MIT students,  the boys are now working on a game that teaches people the dangers of using certain products due to the effects on the environment.


Both boys learnt to use Scratch in school but continued to work on it at home as it was such good fun.  They've found it to be really challenging but exciting to be learning on their own through online tutorials.  The boys are also hoping to use Minecraft as part of their Exhibition also but are unsure if they will be able to complete both projects in time.  

If you are interested on learning to code using these amazing tools you can also look at Scratch and have a go yourself. or follow these tutorials

If you are keen to take your coding skills a bit further then a good place to start would be

Joseph Whittaker
IT Director



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