PSC’s Annual Dinner and Dance

The 29th of April brought flora and festivities to Chiang Mai with the PSC’s Annual Dinner and Dance. ‘La Noche Del Amor Latino’ brought out our Prem’s Community love for all things Latin which could be seen with romantic dresses, ruffled skirts, flowers and combs in the hair all on display. Keeping in mind that the goal of this event was to raise participation to see our community come together, we exceeded our expectations by selling out the event!

Prem parents were delighted with entertainment from a Latin Band, dancers and a fashion show. Once the dance floor opening and the DJ came on, the community was in tune with each other to let loose and fiesta like there was no manana, keeping the dance floor was packed until the end of the evening.

Thanks to the support of the Prem Community in the PSC raffle and our generous community partners that sponsored prizes, we were able to raise 46,000thb for the PSC that will be used for community events and peripheral items for the Prem.

My favourite memory of the evening was seeing the joy and smiles on the faces of so many diverse members of our Prem Community. It’s been a fantastic year for the PSC so far and it was wonderful to celebrate all we’ve accomplished by having a little (or a lot!) of fun together off campus. I deeply appreciate the community for showing up with such a wonderful spirit and making the night a success. Muchas gracias to everyone that made this event a reality.

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